All Terrain Vehicle available for rental at Ferris!

Thanks to a grant from the Campbellford Seymour Community Foundation, the Friends of Ferris Park made a very special purchase.

The DeBug All Terrain Wheelchair is designed to give people with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy outdoor recreational activities! Qualified people can, with a refundable deposit, rent the wheelchair to explore the many trails, picnic areas, and outlook points in Ferris Provincial Park.

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DeBug All Terrain Wheelchair

For more information, and complete details, please phone Ferris Provincial Park to reserve
at 705-653-3575.


Ferris Park Wheelchair Adventures
I love Ferris Park. I love the forest, the light, the birds and the calm. In good times, I walked the park many times a week. Three months ago, I had major surgery on my poor foot. I had the ankle reconstructed- no fun at all. No weight bearing for many empty weeks. And the tough part was losing my regular expeditions into Ferris Park.
And then I discovered the all terrain wheelchair- a mobility miracle. The Park owns this amazing wheelchair and makes it available to people with mobility disabilities for Ferris Park trail adventures. This wheelchair has huge inflated wheels and can manage all manner of trails and paths. My dear friend, Carol Robertson, a member of Friends of Ferris Park, became my chauffeur and my guide. With the diligent support of the Park staff, she accessed this mighty chair and off we went, along trails large and small. I could feel the breeze, smell the green forest scents and watch the birds and insects through the sunlight. I felt safe in this un-tippable vehicle. My spirits were restored. I was in touch with nature again.
This temporary post surgical condition put me in touch with the limitations imposed on people with long term disabilities. Previously, I had thought that the pleasures of the Park were unavailable to people who have mobility limitations, which made me feel at a real loss. But with my introduction to the all terrain wheelchair and the care and support of the Park staff and my friend, I felt welcomed again to life in the Park- our local treasure.

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You too can book the use of this chair. All it takes is a reasonable refundable deposit, a booking plan and the care and tending of this mighty vehicle.
Give it a try- it promises accessible pleasures to Ferris Park Friends and Fans
~ Laura Sky