Ferris Provincial Park is very unique. Be it the area’s scenic beauty, the many picturesque trails, providing the perfect opportunity to encounter birds and wildflowers – always new discoveries await from the moment you enter the park.

Interested in the “earthy” side of the park – perhaps wondering what type of wetland the trails were taking you across or the type of hill you are trekking? This a a detailed and educational geographical article  filled with information on the landform survey of the park, submitted by John Knox, a Friend of Ferris.

Chorus Frog survey done in Ferris Provincial Park, was conducted by Toronto Zoo’s Adopt-A-Pond Program. We hope that this will help with the long term sustainability of Western Chorus Frog populations in Ferris park. It discusses the inventory and habitat available for at risk species of reptiles and amphibians living in Ferris Park.
A great resource for anyone interested in frogs they hear or see in the park.

Avid birder? Ferris Park is an excellent place to view birds feeding, and nesting. 
Graham Wilson (a talented Friend of Ferris member) has an excellent list of birds found in the area. Read his extensive list of birds found in Ferris and surrounding area, plus other information here.
Graham also created a page devoted to flora and fauna found in and around Ferris.
The Friends of Ferris thank Graham for allowing us to link to his information.

Dry Stone Wall Workshops were previously held every August.
View our past workshops, with videos about the restoration process of these beautiful walls over the years.

Ferris Park stone wall restoration  photo courtesy of  DSWA Canada

Remember to always carry out your litter or put it in the many
bear proof trash containers throughout the park.